Q: What are the Easter eggs?
A: Easter eggs are undocumented features in a program. If I told you what they were, they'd be documented and therefore they wouldn't be Easter eggs anymore. I will give you some hints though. Some of them have to do with certain holidays, and some of them have to do undefined situations revolving around inconsistent Flexitris options. Not all option combinations make sense. Some of the ones that don't make sense have special Easter eggs around them. Other than that, good luck finding them!
Q: What does the white stuff mean on the board?
A: While a piece is falling, it has a white dot somewhere. That represents the axis of rotation. All blocks will rotate around that location. After a piece has landed, the white represents how the piece will move when a completion is made. For more information see the entry on the Fall Style option.
Q: When I get a complete, the pieces aren't falling like I'm expecting them to fall / like game <X> makes them fall. Where do I report this bug?
A: That is not a bug. The game supports different fall styles. See the Fall Styles options. If you don't like the way it works, change the fall style and you may like a different one better. That's the beauty of Flexitris, the game can be suited to each person's play style.