Revision History

Version 1.6a - 26 Aug 2010
  • Fixed a bug where the application couldn't be run in protected locations¬†
Version 1.6 - Menu Options - 24 Aug 2010
  • Let wall kick kick a little off of pieces (and not just walls)
  • Added labels to the sidebar panels
  • Added a background image to the game
  • Added custom rotation position
  • Fixed a display bug with save piece and drop shadow where the drop shadow of the stored piece could briefly appear in the wrong position
  • Added options categories
  • Added saving and loading of option sets
  • Added named option sets
  • Default option set
  • Random option set
  • Show Grid Lines option
Version 1.5 - Advanced Controls - 23 June 2010
  • Fixed a bug where the height bar setting couldn't turn the bar off
  • Fixed a bug where you might be able to stick a piece slid to one side
  • Added custom video resolutions
  • Added quick drop
  • Added soft landing
  • Added easy spin
  • Added pre-rotate
  • Added Wall Kick
  • Added fast move piece
  • Added save piece
Version 1.4 - Future Pieces - 26 May 2010
  • Added a version number to the copyright text
  • Added a goal pane
  • Change the block images to something not made with MSPaint
  • Fixed a bug where a piece might not enter play at the top of the board
  • Added backslash as an option for flip on keyboards
  • Added an "Achievement"! The game now notifies you, and keeps track of clearing the whole board
  • Added a staging option, to change how pieces come onto the board
  • Added the invisible pieces option
  • Added <Escape> as a keyboard option for Menu, and Exit
  • Fixed a bug where you could flip the piece, even when it wasn't allowed
  • Allowed the resizing of the preview area to better fit the pieces of various sizes
  • Added text describing how the game ends
  • Added Hexominoes
  • Added the drop shadow option
  • Added the highest piece bar option
  • Added the ability to see the next piece in the staging area
Version 1.3a - 23 Apr 2010
  • Bug - Couldn't affect which Polyominoes would display
  • Bug - Couldn't change the piece fall type.
Version 1.3 - Keyboard - 21 Apr 2010
  • Added a "Number of Colors" option and made the color pallete depend on settings
  • Fixed a more complicated bug occuring when Pieces Fall mode and Pentominoes modes were enabled where it was possible for pieces to get stuck on each other and not fall; more graph theory, but the previous code made the fix easier
  • Added the copyright notice to the game
  • Added another Easter Egg
  • Added keyboard support
  • Rewrote the button text code more
  • Changed the main menu
  • Allowed options to have spaces in the name of the values
  • Dynamically checks controller connectivity, and pauses game if controller disconnects
  • Added Pieces to Preview option (this was going in version 1.4, but it is such an important feature, I wanted to get it in this version)
  • Added the ability to slide a piece left and right
Version 1.2 - Score - 30 March 2010
  • Changed the color of the background of the board for better contrast
  • Added the Hide Board on Pause setting
  • Added sidebars to the game specifically:
  • The game now keeps track of the number of completed lines
  • The application now detects your screen resolution, and tries to adjust the content based on your screen size. I have some code in place for Fullscreen, and fullscreen windowed mode, but the interface was clunky and this was probably really all people want anyway. If you want more video options let me know, and I can probably add in another feature or two to your liking
  • Updated the readme. Okay, I do that every time, but this time I made the column width of the readme 75 characters (up from 50).
  • Fixed a bug with one of the easter eggs (only occured with "Allow Flip" enabled).
  • Redesigned the main menu a little.
  • Added a background color during play
Version 1.1 - Flip Piece / Sounds - 10 March 2010
  • Flip piece (and chirality correcting for it)
  • Options always shown on main menu
  • Controller Layout (Press [Y] on main menu)
  • The game now shows you the final state of the board upon losing
  • Fixed a bug occuring when Pieces Fall mode and Pentominoes were enabled where it was possible for pieces to get stuck on each other and not fall; this required some graph theory to dynamically identify and fix
  • Added sound effects
Version 1.0 - Polyomino Selection - 28 February 2010
Well, there weren't any previous versions, so all of it is new! There was one previous version sent out to a very very small group (and tested internally by family (mostly by my wife who loves the game (most of the time))).
The previous version:
  • didn't have the ability to select which polyominos would fall
  • there was an additional bug with the delays not working properly